Samsung Galaxy S4, discover nifty features like eye control, take pictures with beautiful effects and monitor your health...


Key features of the Samsung Galaxy S4:

- Android 4.2 operating system

- 13 megapixel camera-5 inch Full HD screen

- 16 GB storage memory (expandable up to 64 GB)

- Type of SIM card: Micro SIM 


Samsung S-Band Fitness braceletSamsung S-Band Fitness bracelet

A healthy lifestyle with Samsung S-Band Fitness armband. The Samsung S-Band helps you to keep track of your daily activities as a complement to your Galaxy Smartphone. S-Band is as a Fitness tool that keeps track of the number of steps, burnt calories and distance traveled. You can instantly share this information with your Galaxy S4 and other Galaxy S devices. 


Samsung Bluetooth scaleSamsung Bluetooth scale

The Samsung scales and S Health gives you the information you need. With these Samsung scales you can, in combination with your Samsung Galaxy S4, keep an eye on your health. The scale measures your weight and sends this information via Bluetooth right to your smartphone. The S Health app allows for easy monitoring. Suitable for up to 4 users. Available in the colour white.



Samsung Heart Rate monitor Samsung Heart Rate monitor 

Product information Samsung GS4 Heart Rate

Monitor: color: black, dimensions (w x h x d): 10 x 10 x 10 cm 


Samsung Blood glucose meter Infopia HealthProSamsung Blood glucose meter Infopia HealthPro

A blood glucose meter is used to measure the amount of blood sugar (glucose) in the body.

Demo video


Samsung One Touch Ultra EasySamsung One Touch Ultra Easy

The OneTouch UltraEasy is the smallest and most discreet blood glucose meter around. It gives an accurate result in less than 5 seconds. The meter is simple and user friendly. OneTouch provides the manual of the OneTouch Blood glucose meters in a comprehensive and a shortened version for download.


   Samsung UA-767PBT-CSamsung UA-767PBT-C

The UA-767PBT-C is designed on the basis of the UA-767 Plus and is very accurate. It has a number of advanced features inherited from the original model, but is also equipped with Bluetooth wireless communication technology, making it comprehensive and advanced.



Samsung OMRON 708 BTSamsung OMRON 708 BT

The Omron 708-BT is a upper arm blood pressure monitor. The Omron 708-BT has bluetooth, a 3-line display and a slim fit band.

Our price: € 199,95, including tax.  To order >>

Samsung UC 321PBT-C

Samsung UC 321PBT-C

The UC-321PBT-C was designed on the basis of the UC-321PL, which has a capacity of 200 kg (450 lbs) with a resolution of 100 g. It shares some characteristics with the UC-321 precision personal health scale series.  Extensive functionality is provided by Bluetooth wireless communication.


Samsung OMRON BF-206 BTSamsung OMRON BF-206 BT

OMRON BF-206 BT contains an advanced technique: the scale determines the body fat percentage,, BMI and more skeletal muscle function. The scale is equipped with touch control. The body fat percentage is determined by the bio-electrical impedance that uses eight sensors to send a weak flow through the whole body. 

Our price: € 229,95, including tax.  To order >>



SAMSUNG EGG-HS 10 is a scale with specific properties. The EGG-HS10 is a bluetooth scale that completely depends on the S Health App. the app takes care of the calculations. Everything is tracked, such as the fat percentage and BMI.