Third-party devices

You can also use third-party devices which can pair with S Health. Those devices are also recommended by the app itself.

Infopia HealthPro

Blood Glucose Monitoring System…>>

OneTouch UltraEasy

Blood Glucose Monitoring System… >>


Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor... >

Omron 708-BT

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.. >>


Bluetooth Precision Scale ... >


Bluetooth Body Composition Monitor.. >>


The best app to keep track of your body, health and exercises. Last year Samsung launched its new health-tracking app, called S Health. But the Galaxy S4 has brought the app to a whole new level. Now the app is a great guide on how to stay fit and healthy. 

With the new sensors of the Galaxy S4 the app can track how many steps you make, it can measure the temperature and humidity in your room, it has a large database with healthy foods to make a diet and it can even pair with bluetooth devices like blood pressure monitors, glucose meters and scales.

On our site you can read more about S Health and the devices you can pair it with.

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The S Health application can pair with a few bluetooth devices to measure your performance and body. There are 3 official Samsung bluetooth devices wich can pair with the S Health app.


Samsung bluetooth scaleSamsung BLUETOOTH SCALE

This Samsung Bluetooth scale will measure your body’s weight, fat percentage and mass.



Samsung G S-HEALTH

The S Band will keep track of the distance you traveled, calories you burned, and other activities.

Samsung Heart rate monitorSamsung HEART RATE MONITOR

This arm band tracks your heart rate during workouts, so you can track your performance over time.

The applicationSamsung phone with S-Health application

The app has a few interesting functions which are very handy if you want to stay fit and healthy:

Walk Mate:  It tracks how many steps you make and the distance you traveled.

Exercise Mate: You can choose a sport and it will measure howmay calories you burnt and howlong you worked out.

Food Tracker: You can keep track of what you ate and it will calculate the calories for you. And you can also take a picture so you can remember the meal for another time.

Weight: You can enter your weight or use the Bluetooth Scale, and the app will keep track of your weight and help you get to the right weight.

Temperature and humidity: It checks your surroundings and tells you (with the new sensors of Galaxy S4) what the temerature and humitity is, so you can make your surroundings more comfortable and get the best expericience.

Blood Pressure: The app is so advanced that it can even measure your blood pressure to make sure you stay healthy on the inside. You can enter your blood pressure by yourself or use one of the compatible devices and have it send the data to the app.